Diverse Reads 2016


Diversity in books has been on my mind a lot this year, making this the perfect challenge for me to join. My goal is to read at least 10 diverse books out of my total 52 book goal for the year. You can read more about it over at Chasing Faerytales!

The official categories are:

  1. Ethnic Diversity
  2. LGBTQIA+ Diversity
  3. Religious Diversity
  4. Mental & Physical Health; Disabilities

If a book fits into more than one category, I will choose the one it most embodies.

Here’s my master list, with links to either my own reviews or the official Goodreads page:

No. Cover Title Author Category Date
1.  binge Binge Tyler Oakley LGBTQ+ 5 January 2016
2.  image Fangirl Rainbow Rowell Mental Health 18 January 2016
3.  risuko-official-cover Risuko (ARC) David Kudler Ethnicity  7 February 2016