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4 Bloggish Ways to Survive the Super Bowl

Sunday has arrived. A normally quiet day of the week has been transformed into people shouting loudly at TV screens and balls being carried back and forth a bunch and oh hey there’s lots of food! Find the Food It’s not a Super Bowl party if there’s not a ton of delicious food. Make sure… Continue reading 4 Bloggish Ways to Survive the Super Bowl

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Vegetarianism & Alienation

“Vegetarianism allows more people to have more food with less impact.” – Hank Green Coming from someone new to the vegetarian scene, the video “Why Are Vegetarians Annoying” by Hank Green is incredibly awesome and important. In a nutshell, Hank argues that while vegetarianism and veganism are both very valid and even preferred eating habits… Continue reading Vegetarianism & Alienation

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Looking for Training // 50s Housewife

Real talk: stay-at-home wives/husbands are still a thing. Regardless of whether this is good or bad or incapable of being either good nor bad, can we acknowledge it? For certain reasons, my family functions best with just my significant other working. This allows me to watch our rescue pups who suffer from separation anxiety, cook,… Continue reading Looking for Training // 50s Housewife