We Moved!

We Moved is live! That’s right, folks, we’re now self-hosting and got a total makeover. New theme, new logo, but same old me sharing goodies about books, food, and crafts. There will be new content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

During the content hiatus at this URL, I continued producing fresh material for you over at the new website. After you’ve finished ogling those cute puppy dog tails in the logo, here’s my three new posts:

As always, you can follow me on Twitter to chat or keep up with the latest posts. On September 1st the official Hounds and Habits Pinterest will go live. Go ahead and add me now so we can drool over fantastic food and projects together ASAP!

We Moved img 2.png

While all of my old content has moved over to the new site, this is my last post on Make sure you change any bookmarks you have saved to the new address if you want to keep seeing new content.

Thanks to old friends and new for sticking out my summer hiatus as I relocated to a new city. I can’t wait to show you what’s in store.




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