Party-Pleasing Spinach Pastries


I made these crowd-pleasing vegetarian snacks and they’re delicious. Consider these my new go-to party food. The recipe is extremely versatile so these babies can be as easy as you want – or kick it up a notch by making the filling from scratch.

Because I wanted these ready for Super Bowl Sunday, I took the easy route. All you need is phyllo pastry, found in the frozen section, and spinach dip. My spinach dip is store brand so it doesn’t resemble healthy food in the slightest (seriously, the first ingredient is mayonnaise) but it is tasty as can be. If you want to make a spinach dip from scratch, feel free to do it in advance so you have less work to do on the day-of the event.

Note that because phyllo is so flakey, these definitely need to be consumed with cute little party plates.

* Remember to thaw your phyllo in the refrigerator over night!



  1. Lightly grease a large cookie sheet with your favorite cooking oil. In lieu of a cookie sheet, jelly roll pans are fine too. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F.


2. On a cutting board, unwrap the thawed phyllo pastry and lay it flat. Use a sharp knife to cut it into long strips, approximately three inches wide. You can vary this width if you want particularly small or large spinach pastries, just remember to work quickly so the dough doesn’t dry out!


3. Add a small scoop of dip to the end of one strip. Taking the top three layers, fold over the corner to the long edge, as shown above, to form a triangle.


4. Continue folding over the pastry until you run out of the strip, et voila, you’ve made one spinach phyllo pastry. Place it on the greased pan, then rinse and repeat steps three and four.


Phyllo too dry to work with?

If you find that the pastry is getting dry, there’s a simple fix. Take the dried out strip and place it on top of several fresh layers. This way as you fold up the pastry and the crispy, dry layer snaps, the pliable outside still holds everything together and you don’t waste any of the dough. I also found it helpful to rotate through the stacks of strips so that none of the top layers ever have a chance to dry out.


Muffin Tin Alternatives

DSC_0059 DSC_0064 DSC_0067

Okay, monotonously folding these little triangles isn’t your thing, I get it. Another option is to cut your pastry into squares just a little bigger than muffin tin cups, then place them in the muffin tin and add the spinach dip. I tried this with puff pastry and pinched the corners together, but in the end I prefer the phyllo pastry. Test it out and see what works best for you!


Cooking Times

5. Cook any variation using the phyllo pastry at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about ten minutes.

Since puff pastry isn’t as dry, cooking times will vary with this. Be prepared to amp up cook times to 25 minutes, or consider raising the temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit instead of 350.


These were total winners devoured by friends and family alike, myself included. If you end up making these, I want to see how your variations turn out! Tweet me a pic @Houndsandhabits.


What’s your favorite vegetarian junk food?
Do you have a go-to party food I should try?

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