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4 Bloggish Ways to Survive the Super Bowl

Sunday has arrived. A normally quiet day of the week has been transformed into people shouting loudly at TV screens and balls being carried back and forth a bunch and oh hey there’s lots of food!

  1. Find the Food

It’s not a Super Bowl party if there’s not a ton of delicious food. Make sure you bring something delicious to contribute to the pool. This goes double if you have any dietary restrictions since Super Bowl food is all about meat, grease, and cheese! Whether or not you’re not a big sportsball fan, everyone can enjoy a get together featuring food.


2. Bring a Tablet or Notebook

Okay, it’s 45 minutes into the game. You’re trying really hard to pay attention and care and like it but it’s soooo not working. Most people are just going to be focused on the game anyhow, so feel free to break out your favored writing method. Let the Super Bowl inspire a fresh take on your usual content.

If you are a fan of football, this is easy peasy. Take two seconds to peel your eyes off the screen and scribble down a few thoughts to expand into a post later! Bonus points if you can have it up that night while everyone’s talking about it.


3. Enjoy the Half Time Show

Sure, you didn’t get to pick the band, but it’s still way easier to engage in than the game if you’re no football fan. If you are interested in the game it’s important to relax and give your brain a second to realize there is, in fact, no heard of bears coming to eat you. Let the stress levels dissipate.


4. It’s All About the People

This is why you really showed up. You could’ve watched the game in the comfort of your own home with the privacy to scream, cry, or not give a damn at all. But you didn’t. The Super Bowl gives you an excuse to hang out with some of your favorite people or meet some new ones. Make sure both before and after the game you’re taking advantage of the evening to catch up with friends you don’t see every day. Maybe someone you didn’t expect will be curious about your blog, or maybe you’ll just have a good time laughing at Left Shark.


What is the best part of Super Bowl Sunday?
Do you ever write at social gatherings?

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