First Impressions of a Yoga Studio Volunteer

On Monday I started volunteering for a local yoga studio that is amazing. In exchange for three and a half hours of your time per week, the studio gives you unlimited access to their classes. Instead of writing a rambling story about how I cleaned things for three hours, here are some thoughts I had:

  • Judging by the 25 in the lost-and-found, I’m not the only one who lost a water bottle (RIP, my green Camelbak)
  • Wait, isn’t that one a spaghetti sauce jar?
  • Okay, the waterbottles I get, but how do you leave without your mat? Was this a testing-the-waters thing but it wasn’t for you, so you couldn’t be bothered to carry it home and pawn it off on someone else? Actually, that sounds like something I would do, nevermind.
  • I totally just got keys to the studio on my first day. They weren’t kidding when they said, “Welcome to the family.”
  • This place is the physical incarnation of heaven
  • The bulk soap bottle looks like a wine bottle. Unf. Where do I get this magical smelling wonder thing.
  • The decaled mason jar is only $2. Somehow I thought it was going to be like five times that.
  • The women’s change room has blowdryers. Yes.
  • Oh God, that customer is talking to me. I don’t know anything!
  • The manager definitely said to start cleaning the mats in the room they just went into and closed the door. Ummm.
  • Oh, they were having a meeting. Good thing I didn’t knock after all.
  • I feel like I should be talking more, and yet. Anyways, the manager definitely has actual mind-using tasks to complete.
  • I found a literal tumbleweed. Not figuratively “literal” but literally “literal”
  • The studio has a great view of the park
  • I need to fix up the staff room, it’s flat out depressing how filthy it is compared to the rest of this heavenly place
  • Also, the building is pretty dingey. I hope one day they get to buy the whole dang thing and make it better.
  • I still have no idea which cloths I should be using on the baseboards. There are so many different cloths.
  • I also totally forgot about the magic eraser. Woops.


What kind of stuff have you forgotten when you worked out in a public place?
Did you ever fall in love with a volunteer gig?

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