Klips by Kate


So my friend, Sean, was talking about getting his haircut but he didn’t really want to pay to go to a salon. I’ve always wanted to cut I mean, I have most definitely cut people’s hair before.

Although his face says otherwise, I did not just finish insulting his mother.


To brush up on my vast hairdresser knowledge, I watched copious amounts of Youtube videos and in theory can cut several different men’s hairstyles with actual scissors, not just buzzing. Sean decided he wanted to keep the length of the hair on top of his head and just shave down the sides, though, so my awesome scissor wielding skills were never confirmed.


Me: “Hey Caleb, how do I adjust the length on this thing?”
Sean: “This is going well already.”


The only hard part was trying to get the hair behind the ears. There were just a few tiny wisps that refused to be cut, so my boyfriend kindly rescued me by taking the guard off the buzzer. Easy peasy. It was also pretty fun & clean up was a breeze.






Sean walked away happy with his free haircut and I was impressed how sharp it looks!


Have you ever cut a friend’s hair before and totally rocked it?

Or were you the friend that had to hide from cameras for three months?

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