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DIY Bookish Greeting Card


I’m feeling crafty! I meant artsy, but evil works too. I made a super cool greeting card and matching envelope out of some small book pages and I am in love! It would be so easy to change the theme. Change the book you pull the pages from and switch up the accent colours. This project took about two hours including time to mess around with photographs and different design concepts.


First things first was to gather the supplies! I like laying out my options even if I won’t need anything. Seeing all of the tools and materials I have available helps inspire the creative process.


I chose the second installment in the Hunger Games series for ironic juxtaposition of the French language with the — I kid, I kid. In reality it happened to be this book because my boyfriend found it, but the back pages were all burnt so I didn’t think keeping the book whole was the best option. (And seriously, the book about The Girl on Fire was lit on fire? I can’t help but wonder if the previous owner did this on purpose.)


You’re welcome to use an exacto knife here, but I just opened up my regular old scissors and cut down the page before tearing them out. It worked so well that the rough edges of the pages don’t even need trimming, unless you’re worried about paper fuzz.

Trim your page to fit the size of your card. Mine was a cheap box of plain white cards with matching envelopes.


The next step calls for stamping. I don’t own many stamps or ink pads yet so I made due with a classic: polka dots. If you’re afraid of working with ink by hand, don’t forget you can always choose a greyscale image on your computer and print it onto a page. Be sure to bug me for a tutorial if you’re not sure how to do the computerized version, but it’s on my list of projects!

After the design was dry, I attached the book page to the front of my card. I prefer using archival scrapbooking tape because it’s so easy and doesn’t wrinkle anything, but glue will work just fine as long as you don’t go overboard. Be patient here if you want it to line up perfect. Remember to cut yourself some slack: it’s a handcraft, not mass produced!


I played around with ribbons and buttons until I liked the aesthetic of the design. Then I measured, marked, and cut the ribbons before glueing everything together. Now is the time to go overboard with the glue, unless you’re fortunate enough to have fabric glue. I love adding a little texture and colour to the design without having to break out my paint.

To accent the envelope flap, choose a second page and trace an outline around the flap. Stamp it following the same design as before, cut out the shape, and attach to the envelope flap using the same method as you did for the main card.


I’m thinking the next one needs some watercolour paint, I’m just worried how well the book pages will hold up as opposed to wrinkling.


Should I spice up the book page cards by using watercolour? Do you like bookish crafts or should books be left unaltered?

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