To Buy or to Borrow, That is the Question


Owned Books are the Supreme Ruler of Bookworm Land

  • You know when you read a line that just really stands out to you and you NEED to remember it for later, but you also really need to keep reading the book? Highlight it. I love highlighting my favorite lines and being able to flip through an old favorite and pick out some of the best spots. Sticky notes simply cannot compare. Also: very handy for writing reviews!
  • Speaking of picking up an old favorite, it’s really nice to just have the book on hand, ya know? No placing holds and potentially waiting days or weeks, no walking miles through the snow uphill both ways.
  • Borrowing capabilities are magnificent. Finishing an amazing book, clinging to it for a few days, and then realizing every friend you have NEEDS to read it, standard stuff. But how often can you shove the book into said-friend’s hand and force them to read it? Not with a library book, you can’t.


Library Books are the Benevolent Faeries who Sprinkle Reading Dust on Everyone

  • Believe it or not, my income is not infinite and I can’t always afford to buy every book I want. BUT WAIT! Super Library is here! It even continually surprises me with the vast selection of books available.
  • Being stuck with books that were NOT winners. I’m looking at you, Copygirl and diet book. Seriously, I don’t even own a bookshelf, I don’t have room for books that were less than four stars.
  • Did you know that at some libraries, homeless people can have a library card? All they need is the address for the shelter they’re staying at.

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One of the only things that can compare to the amazing feeling of walking into a bookstore filled with perfect books and knowing you get to take three – I mean, just one – home, is walking into a library knowing you can leave with any and every book without having to spend a penny.

What’s your preference – buy or borrow? Or do you choose second hand books over everything else?

8 thoughts on “To Buy or to Borrow, That is the Question

    1. That’s where I’m at right now too. I’m trying to get books from the library which works pretty well, I just hate not being able to annotate directly on the page. Plus there’s just something so exciting about getting to buy a book and add it to your collection!


      1. I wish I could buy multiple copies of books, that way I could keep one and give the others away. Can’t do that with library books – hehe.

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  1. Well, if I was rich and famous I’d BUY EVERYTHING. XD And then I’d have a spectacular library hehe. XD Buuut, I’m not. And I only buy books very occasionally and try to make sure I’ll REALLY like them, because (like you said) owning dodgy books is really annoying. Bleh. I use my library all. the. time. And today, even I was at the library and they were having a sale and who can pass up a few cents for a book?! THANK THE UNIVERSE FOR LIBRARIES. ❤
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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  2. I always forget to turn my library books in on time so the overdue fees end up being just as expensive as actually buying the books xD and I try to buy off of Amazon since they’re so much cheaper!


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