Lifeline // This is Houston, We’re in Suspense


I am obsessed with the app Lifeline, an awesome crossover of a story and a game. It harkens back to text based games using a simple layout easy enough to follow along via notifications.

You start the game by meeting Taylor. Taylor is an astronaut abandoned on a moon in another solar system. You are the only person he’s been able to contact so it’s up to you to help him navigate the barren world and try to survive.

Shout out for the gender neutral name. Taylor is whoever you want Taylor to be … Or maybe Taylor is free from the constraints society places on — just kidding, Taylor doesn’t have a society anymore. Seriously, help the kid out.

The story plays out in “real time”. That means when you suggest to Taylor that he should go explore, you aren’t going to get another message from him for an hour. That said, it is sped up which is noticeable every time Taylor goes to sleep, you’re not actually stuck waiting 6 – 9 hours for the guy to wake up and continue the story.

The nature of a real time game and a little creepy tossed into the story keeps me in suspense and generally wondering if I just sent this poor kid to his death. There’s also just enough salty sarcasm to serve as comic relief.

If you’re an Apple user, Lifeline is currently free in the App Store. It’s even playable on Apple Watch thanks to the story’s notifications! Lifeline is also available on Google Play and Amazon.

Apparently I’m so late to the party, there’s already two sequels, also available on all three platforms. Don’t worry guys, I’m on it as soon as I get Taylor somewhere safe!



This is not a sponsored post. Everything written is my honest opinion about a fun app I wanted to share.

If you’ve found any other awesome story-based apps, let me know about them on Twitter or Goodreads!

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